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Our Clients Say

"The Duo Social team has done an amazing job managing all of our social media accounts from the very beginning of FitMind, including helping us scale to 200K followers on Instagram. Highly recommend Corinne and her team!"
Conor McClintock, COO/CFO

What we do

At Duo Social Solutions, we enhance your brand's social media presence with proven digital marketing strategies that deliver tangible results.


Our approaches are designed to build momentum, increase engagement, and broaden your audience reach, ultimately boosting your brand's visibility and impact.

As your dedicated digital marketing team, we guarantee expert management of your social media channels. We take care of your digital marketing, while you get your time back.


Comprehensive Social Media Services

Our services are expertly designed to elevate your brand's presence, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement across key digital platforms.





Audience Growth


Personalized Strategy

Targeted Advertising





Scheduled Content


Meet The Duo

Co-Founder's and Digital Marketing Partners

About Us

Raised on the shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Corinne witnessed her family build their property, the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club, from the ground up into a prestigious Forbes Double Five Star destination. This experience taught her the value of relentless hard work and dedication, instilling a deep understanding of what it takes to achieve excellence in any endeavor and shaping her approach to business and customer service.

During her college years at Colorado State University, where she pursued a double major in Communications and Journalism Media Communications, Corinne managed social media for various companies and took on several videography gigs. These experiences solidified her passion for the field and her calling to be a creative force, helping brands shine in the digital space.


Her extensive travels to five of the seven continents, including Antarctica, have broadened her worldview and infused her digital marketing skills with unique creativity and insight. Her blend of emotional intelligence and creative flair uniquely positions her to elevate brands, ensuring they connect meaningfully and authentically with their audiences.

Raised in Chicago, Jack grew up immersed in the world of business management and product innovation through his family's decorative lighting business. This early exposure laid a solid foundation for his understanding of intricate business dynamics and the importance of innovation. His lifelong passion for luxury automobiles fueled his interest in marketing and competitive advantage, sharpening his focus on market trends and enhancing his meticulous attention to detail.

This unique combination of industry insight and attention to detail allows Jack to craft competitive strategies that distinguish our clients in crowded markets. At Colorado State University, where he earned his Bachelor in Communications with a minor in Business, Jack learned that the key to success in marketing lies in forging honest, mutually beneficial partnerships with clients. This experience helped him feel confident that he can help brands be seen in a successful and honest light.

Jack's blend of technical expertise and emotional intelligence ensures he not only understands the market but also connects deeply with clients, enabling him to tailor strategies that resonate personally and drive business success.

Metrics that Matter 

Client metrics that showcase the success of our strategies

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Do I have to sign a contract?

To ensure a clear understanding and a mutually beneficial working relationship, Duo Social Solutions (DSS) implements a comprehensive contract that holds both parties accountable for the agreed-upon terms. This contract serves as a safeguard, providing protection and peace of mind for both our agency and you, our valued client. By formalizing our commitment through a contractual agreement, we establish a solid foundation built on trust and transparency, enabling us to deliver exceptional services while upholding the highest standards of professionalism.

Clients We've Worked With

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